Friday, October 23, 2009

Gracie's first birthday

Hi! I'm Gracie! Deareast princess of my Dade and Mame. I celebrated my first birthday here in Singapore. We were supposed to have a Mcdo party with my twin sister Haelle and Ate Minmin last Sept26 at Market Market but because of Ondoy, Mame had to cancel it. Then I came to Singapore for the first time on Sept 27. Because of family emergency, my Lolo and Lola had to go back home in the Philippines so I am alone with Mame everyday for almost 2 weeks. She was so busy with me that she couldn't plan my birthday but with the great help of my fairy godtitas: Tita Abby, Tita Marix and Tita Nelvie, they were able to pull it through. Also Lola and Lolo came back two days before the party so my Mame was able to concentrate on my birthday. You may be asking about my Dade Lew, of course he helped! He made sure I don't mess up the decorations/preparations. And he paid for all the expenses, Thanks Dade!

See my invitations below, all are unique. Tita Nelvie, Tita Marix, Tita Abby, Tita Nelvie and my Mame worked thru the night and day one weekend to finish all of them. They were sent only 5days before the party but I am so thankful that almost everybody came.

Tita Vanj helped book the function room at Melville Condo. Some of my Titas/Titos: Tita Rain, Tita Weng, Tita Les, Tita Bache, Tito Mau, Tita Anne, Tito Sep, Tita Gladys and Tito Jeff together with my godtitas helped in the preparations and decorated the place. Below are some pix...

There were lots of games in my birthday. There was a candy shower pinata bought by my Tita Rowee with pictures of Tinkerbell and friends. My mame filled it with lots of candy it was half filled! Since my Tito Rommel is the tallest, he held the pinata way up high so everyone can be showered with the candies. My new friends were so thrilled and got all the candies!

There was also a pabitin with lots of treats. It was more exciting! It took only a few minutes before it was finished up.


Tito Indy greatly helped in entertaining my Titos/Titas and new friends.

My Tita Abby made this beautiful chocolate cake for me.. Yummy!

Here are the pictures of the guests. I really hope they enjoyed the food and the party.

My mame made this beautiful guestbook...

I also enjoyed giving away the tokens...

Here are my closeups...

My mame printed my picture in magnets and gave it as a thank you token..

Here is when I opened my gifts...

I want to thank everyone who came and my titos/titas/lolo and lola who helped. It was really a fun day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

just a quick share

Pre, Abby, Marix and I scrapped this weekend. I'm happy to be scrapping with friends again, although I dd the least among us since I was not in a scrappy mood. And I didn't get to take pix of what I did because I was sleeping the whole day today hehe. I promise to post them soon, for the meantime I just want to share some new pics of my twin nieces. Aren't they adorable?